Habitat Housing Co-operative Society (HHCSL) was established in 1991 with the objective of sourcing and providing affordable housing solutions to its members.  The common bond of the society was derived from their members working for the various United Nations affiliate arms in Nairobi.  This has seen the over 230 members walk a journey that sought to transform the society from just another money-saving and land-asset trading society into one that provides affordable luxury living for not only their members, but the public at large.

The secret ingredient to our success lies in the membership unity of purpose and forging of valuable relationships between the partners that have come together to develop the dream of affordable luxury lifestyles.  We started in traditional fashion of buying land with the aim to sub-divide and put up units according to each member’s needs and ability.  We however, were fortunate enough to realise that a common development approach would be the best way to secure our future and moved to establish a partnership under Habitat Heights that would achieve this. Habitat Heights seeks to set the pace for the development of projects that would set the benchmark for urban policies, sustainable development, land use and planning, water and waste management, urban public transport and sustainable mobility – The Model for optimal land-use practices.  The moderate pricing structures on the 8,888 units coupled with the structured mortgage financing options will make this one of the most attractive investment options in the next 5-10 years.

About Habitat Heights

Habitat Heights is an affordable luxury living estate designed to enhance the quality of life of its residents. The features and design of this estate promotes a wellness lifestyle with numerous sporting facilities that enable residents to lead a consistently active lifestyle. With modern design and technology for convenience and ease of living to ensure the affordable luxury lifestyle.