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Project 51 – Mombasa Road, Lukenya

The Society has embarked on a drive to put up housing with its first project based on Mombasa Road next to Green Park or Lukenya. The project will entail around 5,040 mixed typologies, School, Hospital, Commercial Centre and other related amenities. The proposed project embraces an elevated standard of architectural excellence as a prevalent form of cultural expression. With space, form and aesthetic impact of utmost significance, the material manifestation of the design will make positive and lasting contribution to the physical, human as well as cultural environment. The total land area of the property is 104 acres on the 1st row along Mombasa road and next to Lukenya Hills.
The proposal is to develop 5,040 (Five thousand and forty) 2 and 3-bedroom Ordinary units as well as two bedroomed hybrid units on 45.6 acres.

Greenzone Project, Kiambu Road

The project is next to Primarosa flower farm along Mombasa road.

Some of the close developments include;

  • Daystar University
  • Lukenya Getaway
  • Lukenya Schools
  • Devik Manufacturers