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About Habitat Housing Cooperative Society Ltd

Habitat Housing Co-operative Society (HHCSL) is a Cooperative Society registered under Cooperative Societies Act CAP 490.
It brings together staff members of the United Nations primarily based in eastern Africa but with membership around the world, their families and friends. The purpose of the Cooperative is to pool resources to make investments in land and housing projects for the benefit of members.
HHCSL was established in 1991 with the objective of sourcing and providing affordable housing solutions to its members.

  1. Habitat Housing Cooperative Society was registered on 5th July 1991
  2. Founded by Staff of the constituent arms of the United Nations Organizations based at Gigiri, Nairobi
  3. LUKENYA Plot 51 was the first HOUSING project and was purchased from General Munyao in 2001

Our Vision

To deliver great places to live and prosper

Our Mission

Create viable investment opportunities through affordable housing and property acquisition

Our Motto

The Preferred Habitat

Our Core Values

Our core values are summarized by the acronym “SPIISA”

  1. Sustainability; We care about the future
  2. Professionalism; We are competent in all we do
  3. Integrity; We do the right thing
  4. Innovation; We offer creative solutions
  5. Strategic Partnerships; We believe in synergies
  6. Accountability; We practice good stewardship

The Management Board

The Executive Committee

Dominic Ndolo
Anne Lidonde
Andrew Mura
Honorary Secretary
Michael Mwangi


Tom Ogola
Judy Karara
Ronald Mugavana
Salesio Njeru

Supervisory Committee

Valentine Arigi
Emmy Mwavua
Stephen Ng'ang'a

Education & Marketing

Ann Lidonde
Tom Ogola
Valentine Khakasa

Investment Committe

Judy Karara
Ronald Mugavana
Salesio Njeru

Management Support

Ms. Olivia Evlyn